Thursday, 22 March 2012

Bling'd up Little Kitty

So recently i entered my not so Little Kitty Floyd into a posing puddy competition on twitter with and sent them my little guy casually chilling in the sink :)

I was totally gobsmacked that he won as there was soo many cute little kittys in the comp..  But thought i would share with you guys how cute he now looks all bling'd up in his new collar ( which was his prize). 

So it arrived in this cute little pink packaging and even had a little kitty treat which was such a nice wee extra and the collar is amazing sooo sparkly and well made..

And TADA Little Kitty in his shiny new Collar I LOVE it <3

Anyway hope u all agree with me he is the cutest not so little kitty in town :).  If you would like to bling up your Kittys or your Little Pooches too then go check them out there stuff is fab.

Are you a Kitty or a Pooch fan??

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  1. ah so cute. my cats a monster compared to the size of that cutie lol!


    1. Awee bless yeah he is a wee cutie when he wants to be and the devil in disguise most of the time :)


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