Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bathtime Favorites

Hey Dolls

I thought i would share with you some of my bathtime guilty pleasures.  U cant beat a good hot bath in my opinion.  I feel it really chills you out and sets you up for a good nights sleep.

Here is a few things that share my bath time with me along side a good book.

First of all for face -

I Absolutely adore the Soap & Glory peaches & Clean i feel that it really deep cleans my skin and removes all traces of my days make up and leaves my skin feeling totally refreshed.  After clearing all the days make up off i Love using this dermalogica multivitamin recovery masque.  I feel it totally deep cleanses my skin and leaves it feeling like new.

Next is for my hair -

I have been trying to grow my hair for about a year and a half and been getting regular trims every 2-3 months to help encourage it to grow.  I seen Lee stafford had tweeted about this product a while back and thought why not what have i got to loose lets give it a go.  The treatment for hair that doesnt grow past a certain length is my bath time treat for my hair.  I love the smell and love the way it makes my hair feel and i dont know if its all in my head but i feel that this does encourage my hair to grow and can see a massive difference from last year to this year.

Last but by no means last is for my body -

I love all things S&G but the Sugar crush range has to be my favourite i absolutely adore the smell and i simply just cant get enough of it.  After ive used my pulp friction to give my skin a good exfoliate i use the sugar crush body wash to leave my skin hydrated and smelling amazing.

So here you have it my bath time treats.

what shares your bath with you?

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  1. I love Soap and Glory stuff too, I use Peaches and Clean at night time after I've used UltraBland by Lush and I love it, the smell is to die for! Currently using other S&G body stuff I received for my birthday, love the whole range! x

  2. I love the peaches & clean stuff I feel that it really does cleanse my skin.. Ill need to check out the lush stuff I've never tried the sort of skin care range. Thanks for the comment Gail x

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    1. Amazing blog i have followed u. Thanks for taking time to comment on mine :)



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