Thursday, 21 February 2013

My favourite Make up Brushes

Hey Dolls

Just wanted to share with you all my favourite make up brushes.  These are my all time favs and my go to brushes that i couldnt possibly do my face without.

I dont wear alot of make up and dont wear liquid foundation as my skin breaks out terribly but got to wear some concealer and powder.

I will admit im no make up artist but i do love trying out new make up and playing about with eyeshadow, which is my guilty make up pleasure.  Im absolutely rubbish at creating smokey eyes but i give it a try and put my own spin on it.  If you know any good tutorials point me at them :)

So here thy are my little beaut brushes.

Now im not one for following trends but i was in need f some new brushes and thought why not get some proper brushes and real techniques seemed the best to buy and i LOVE them.  They are so soft but dense enough for my make up to go on properly.

I wasnt a big fan of some of the eye brushes but i absolutely love the Base Shadow Brush.  Is great for blending in my crease.

I use a the UBU eye bush for all over the eye (the white handle brush) as its the perfect shape to completely cover it.  You can buy these cheaply in tesco for about £5.00 for a set of 3.  For my brows i use the little revlon brush that i got in my local Pound shop which was a great buy as i cant part with it and tried so many others but nothing compaires.

Whats your all time favourite make up brush. What cant you live without?

Thanks for reading.
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