Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Worth the hype - Rimmel Apocalips - My thoughts

Hey Dolls

Everyone and there dog is blogging about these litle rimmel beauts but i thought i would jump on the band wagon and share my excitement with them.  Im not one for going with the trent of buying something cause she has it but after trying them in boots it was just simply love.

I thought i would share with you my thoughts and my fav shades.

I absolutely adore these 2 colours the first is Celestial and its a nudey rose pink colour and the 2nd is Apocoliptic which is a very vibrant bright pink as u can see from the last picture swatches.

These are a lip lacquer and feel really velvety on your lips.  I love how they are creamy and feel moisturising on the lips.  They are pretty long lasting and can go about 3-4 hours without a top up.

these can be purchased from Boots and retail for £5.99 and bonus they are currently on 3 for 2 which is a bargain.

Have you purchased any from the range?
Whats your favourite pop of colour.

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  1. They look lovely, I refuse to buy them because everyone else has them ... im stubborn like that haha

    1. I was totally the same i told myself im not getting them cause thats all everyone was talking about then i swatched them in boots and i was in love. Its just the consistancy of them and the fact the colours are so vibrant i just had to share my thoughts,. Thanks for the comment and the follow :) x


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