Saturday, 23 March 2013

10 Day You Challenge - Day 2

Hey Dolls

So yesterdays post brought you the first part of the Tag now onto part 2.

I love music, all kinds of music, from small upcoming bands to well known ones.  Ive had a little influence from my cousin and my mum over the years and they have opened my eyes and got me away from my old boyband days although i still cant beat listening to a good old old East 17 song - God im showing my age now.

Any way it was super hard to pick just 2 songs as my favourite song list probably consists of bout 1,000 songs but i narrowed it down and ive changed my mind over and over but here we have it here is my 2 songs.

So on the left we have Ushers - Yeah I absolutely love this song and whenever im down and thins comes on its an instant pick me up, you cant not tap your feet to the beat.

On the Right we have U2 - Stay.  This is one of my all time favourite U2 songs i just think the lyrics are awesome and its a nice chill out song.

Cant wait to get to Day 3.

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  1. Ooh interesting choices Hun xx

    1. It was soooo hard to pick 2 songs lol I love soooo many haha. xx


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