Sunday, 24 March 2013

10 Day You Challenge - Day 3

Hey Dolls

So as you can tell from the title here is day 3 of my challenge and this was another tricky one.

Who on earth can pick 3 film right of the top of there head.  Im a TVaholic and watch loads of tv series and films so this was another toughy for me but alas i managed to narrow my endless list to 3 films....  

And here they are.

The Princes Bride is my all time favourite film - Its cheesy but it has romance, Action and Comedy and not to mention Giants and Sword Fights what more can you want in a movie.

Black Hawk Down - I think i have seen this film over 150 times i even went to the cinema 8 times to see it cause i thought it was a brilliant film and just thought it probably one of the truest war kinda films i have watched.

Con Air - Amazing, Brilliant and just a fantastic film i think this is when i found a new love for Nicolas Cage he is Gorgeous and my George Clooney.

Have you seen these films?  Whats your thoughts?

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