Tuesday, 26 March 2013

10 Day You Challenge - Day 5

Hey Dolls

Day 5 brings you 5 foods.

This ones deffo a tuffy cause im not that much of a fussy eater so have loads of favourites but thought about if i had to eat these foods for the rest of my life this is what they would be.

  1. Tuna Pasta  -  Im not a huge lover of fish foods but i love tuna on anything and with anything.  But Tuna pasta is a goody.
  2. Pizza  - not just any kind but Ham & Pineapple.  I know people say pineapple shouldnt be on a pizza i disagree i LOVE it.
  3. Haggis  -  I could eat haggis for breakfast lunch and dinner i love it i love spicy haggis and normal haggis - Typical Scottish food.
  4. Crisps  -  Im a big crisp addict and could eat them all day everyday my favourite flavour is just ready salted - simply amazing.
  5. Egg - I love it on its own - Boiled, fried, chopped up in a cup, poached everyway apart from scrambled.
so there we have my pick of 5 foods.

Do any these take your Fancy?  Has reading this made you hungry?

I love comments and would love it if you left me one.

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