Wednesday, 27 March 2013

10 Day You Challenge - Day 6

Hey Dolls

So day 6 is my 6 favourite places and this one was kinda hard as there is sooooo many places i like to visit and a few places i love being, so i kinda just made it a wide scope and picked places ive visited but would like to visit again.

  • New york - Ive been once for a holiday and i absolutely loved it, there is just so much going on and so many nice places to visit.
  • New Zealand - I have family that live in Auckland and been over to visit them and i just loved it its so green and so laid back its just bliss.
  • Japan - Again i visited here with my family and its the complete opposite of New Zealand its so FAST.  everyone is in a hurry and there is so many people but its just fascinating and im a big people watcher so i was in my element here.
  • Glasgow - I visit here alot and love it for shopping there is just so many cute and quirky shops filled with loads of treats that always make me bite and spend a fortune. 
  • Edinburgh - I love going here for a night out, its just good to get some decent nightlife and meet new people.  I love just going from bar to bar then settling in a nightclub for the rest of the night and Edinburgh has a much better nightlife to my little town.
  • My Mums House - I love being here it brings back so may memories and just makes me feel safe and sound.
So there you have it my 6 little places.  Cant beat going to my mums house.  I maybe should have put that first but they say leave the best till last.

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