Friday, 29 March 2013

10 Day You Challenge - Day 8

Hey Dolls

So now i need to think of 8 fears and to be honest i dont really have that many fears its more phobias but i suppose they are 1 in the same kinda.

But here they are.

  1. Snakes - Cant even hear the word it gives me shivers
  2. Spiders - they are too small and too fast BOKE.
  3. Wrinkly hands - I cant deal with my hands getting wrinkly like at swimming or in the bath it freaks me out the feeling is horrible and i HATE it.
  4. My finger nails falling off - Ok so not that it happens but i hate the thought of loosing a nail EEKKKK.
  5. Heights - Im such a feardy i hate being too high and like my feet being flat on teh ground.
  6. Fireworks - I hate loud noises and fireworks scare the life out of me.
  7. Feet - I hate looking at feet or anyone touching my feet its WRONG.
  8. Being alone - I hate being on my own and having no one around i suppose its not a fear but i like being surronded by people.
So there you have it my 8 little phobias/fears.

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  1. With you in no.7 feet are vile xx

  2. Such a nice post


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