Sunday, 10 March 2013

February Empties

Hey Dolls

So i know this post flies about all over blog land but i thought i would jump in and do my February empties see how it goes down.

Ive been trying to use up alot of products that ive got half full bottles of laying around, you know what its like something new catches your eye and you buy it but you have to use it NOW and then forget all about the one you were using.  Well not anymore..  Since im on my spending ban till May and can no longer go buy nice new shinny things :(  ( It WILL all be worth it come May) Im making it my mission to clear up some space and use up some neglected products.

So here is a wee over view of some of the things ive managed to clear up this month.

This is some of the Hair Products ive used up.  I absolutely adore the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment and i think i have repurchased this about 7-8 times i dont know if its in my head but i totally feel like it does help my hair grow that little bit quicker. 

The Majicontrast hair dye is one i bought a while back then decided i wanted more pinkier hair so didn't end up using it, but now ive used it my hair is still pinky lol.  

The Got2B Hairspray is the single most amazing hairspray ever.  It smells a little funky like citrusy a bit but its not heavy on ur hair and leaves your hair with amazing hold but doesn't look like your hair is caked in hairspray.  This was the first time using it and i will definitely be repurchasing this.

Some little body products thats saying goodbye is the Soap & glory Mist you madly - I love these mists i use them every night after i have moisturised i lightly spray it all over my arms and legs and tummy and just gives me an extra little burst of moisture. 

The FAB moisturiser is great for when i have had really dry skin i feel this is really nourishing. 

And the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter was just a mini i purchased to try it out to see how it would be with my sensitive skin and i liked it do i bought the bigger one and started using that and forgot all about this little guy.

And Lastly here is some Facial products that have been and gone.  Who doesn't love the botanics Rose toning water the stuff is genius and part of my routine.

The oxy pads i bought when i had a really bad breakout but needless to say the origins spot treatment was then soon purchased and this little guy was never to be seen until now.

I absolutely love Dermalogica however it doesn't agree with my skin it always leaves me with a breakout so i wont be repurchasing the multivitamin masque again im going to try the origins 10 minute one see if thats any good.

I have really strange skin its really dry but also really oily too and i love this matifying lotion from the young asda's own range i think it costs about 80p but ive bought this about 6-7 times now as it leaves my skin really hydrated in the morning and ive noticed that my skin isnt as oily as it would be if i haven't used this.

An Last but by all means least is my favourite eye make up remover - The Garnier Simply Essentials eye make up remover.  The stuff is holy grail and removes all my eye make up with ease regardless if i have really dark eye make up and loads of eyeliner, this little beaut removes it in 1 maybe 2 sweeps its a legend.

So there you have it all my little empties can now say good bye.  If you managed to read all the way down here then well done you.  This was like a mini review and a time to say goodbye to some little gems ( dont worry i have back ups of most things)

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  1. Think I may need to try the eye remover and asda moisturiser ! Bargain xx

  2. We love Lee Stafford. Their heat protection spray is the best we've tried! Great post x


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