Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Heatless Curls

Hey Dolls

Recently I've been experimenting with curling my hair with loads of different hair tools.  I tried with straightners then a curling wand then tried using tongs.  Needless to say i am rubbish with heat and kept burning my ears then fingers and even my forehead, i really have no idea how i managed this but it was the sorest pain ever and now im left with a tiny scar on my forehead so thanks tongs.

But lately i started looking at youtube videos on how to create curls for shorter hair without heat and to be honest i was a little sceptical at first because how can no heat create curls right.

So i invested in some Curlformers and also some strawberry curls to start with to see how it went. 

I tried the Strawberry curls to start with and wasnt really impressed i didnt have curls as such just looked like really messy wavy hair and wasnt to my liking.

I then tried the curlformers and they were great i had washed my hair the night i used them and went to bed with them in to get the full effect of them drying all night in the little tubes.  BIG mistake had a terrible sleep cause every time i moved in my sleep i was woken up with a my hair getting tugged.  I did however try them out another day by putting them in on the morning and leaving them about 4-5 hours before taking them out and i was left with pretty darn good curls.

But the best way to get heatless curls i have came across is by using a simple elastic HAIRBAND..  strange i know and i was totally sceptical at trying it i thought yeah right this is never going to work but low and behold i had achieved the best curls from all the heatless product i had tried.

So basically here is all you have to do
  • Brush your hair down flat in the parting and style u wear your hair in.
  • Place the hairband over the top of your hair round your head. 
  • Take sections of your hair starting from the front, start wrapping my hair round the hairband, every time i wrapped the layer round once i would collect more hair each time till i had done one side
  • Start on the other till your left with a little bit left at the back and then wrapped this round and tucked the ends under. 
I actually liked the look of my hair like this and would probably wear it like that on a "lazy" hair day.

I did this at night and then went to bed and slept right through not a problem as there was no big plastic bits or any strange bumps invading my pillow space.  When i woke the next morning and took the hairband off i was actually amazed at just how curly my hair was.  This was by far the best way i have achieved heatless curls and i thought i would share it with you guys. 

Here is a wee picture i took of the finished result from my hairband heatless curls.

The image on the left was the curls right out the hairband and the one on the right was after i had ran my fingers through the curls a little and styled it how i would wear it.  Pretty nifty if i do say and not at all damaging to your hair.

I was impressed and would definitely be doing this again

Have you got any good tips on how to achieve good curls without heat or even with heat without cause burns to your fingers?

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