Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I Bring you.... Stuffster

Hey Dolls

This is a slightly new post im doing for you all today, but i thought i would share with you this gem of a website.

I recently came across this website via there Twitter page and i have to admit its a great find.
Ever seen something you wanted to buy then forgot what site you found it on.  Stuffster is a fab tool to help keep everything in the one place.
Basically this website is a little gadget to save all your wish lists in one place and is great for savvy shoppers like myself who likes a little savings.

here is some screen shots of my recent purchase through the site and a shows you the how to from wish list to shopping bag.

So first of all it shows how to add the stuff+ button to your favourites bar - This is to make it soooo much easier to store things all in the one place.

Here is a few snippets to show how i added them.

heres how its done..

so firstly Save the STUFF button to your favourites bar, then the fun begins.

you can go on ANY website and save ANY item to any wish list and the best thing about stuffster is it lets you select a price point that you would be happy to pay for an item so if it goes into the sale you get a notification and you can buy it cheaper.

The above picture shows after you have clicked the stuff button the wee stuffster box appears and all you do is select the wish list you want to save it in whether its household or beauty or just a general wish list then you input the price that you want to pay for the item then add it and walla its added to your wish list till that day you win the lottery or its gone in the sale and your rainy day fund comes into play.

I think this is a brilliant gadget and i have saved numerous items into my wishlists.

You can visit the site here - Stuffster  and start saving your wishlists.

Do you have super savvy shopper sites that you'd like to share.

Whats in you Stuffster wish list.

I Love comments so leave me a comment telling me what you think.

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