Monday, 4 March 2013

The 25 things about me Tag

Hey Dolls

So ive been seeing this tag floating about blog land alot recently whether it be the 25 or 50 things about me.  Personally thinking of 50 interesting things was hard so decided i would jump on the band waggon and share with you my 25 things about me just to give you guys a little insight into all things me.

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1. I have the same name as Scully from X-Files and if ive been asked once ive been asked 1 million times where moulder is lol.

2.  I am really short infact so short one of the guys i work with made me go into our first aid room and measure myself as he was sure my height was classed as a dwarf, it isnt and im not but at 4ft11 im not far off it.

3.  I have size 3 feet which i hate as its a real hit or miss with shoes.  Sometimes you get good bargains other times there is NOWT.

4.  I have dyed my hair for as long as i can remember and dont even know what my natural colour is.

5.  I have been asked on more than 1 occasion if my hair is real or a wig, i dont know if this is a good or a bad thing.

6.  I dont wear Liquid foundation for 1 i hate applying it and 2 my skin always breaks out ive never found a decent one that works well.

7.  I have recently just learned the right way to put Kirby grips in your hair and BOY was i shocked at how long ive been doing it wrong - but to be honest i dont notice a difference lol.

8.  I have an obsession with buying make up but then again who in blog land hasnt.

9.  I have a phobia of Cotton wool.  I hate the stuff even looking at it creeps me out.

10.  I have a weird obsession with eating crisps with white vanilla ice cream, has to be white vanilla or it doesnt taste the same.

11.  Im a qualified Nail Technician and love trying new nail art ideas.

12.  I hate throwing anything out and have a spare room filled with hidden treasures.

13.  I sell loads and buy even more on Ebay i LOVE it.

14.  Im the worst cook ever.  I have no patience for cooking i get all flustered and cant cope following a recipe.

15.  I always get complimented on my eyes, apparently i have a nice set of eyes lol.

16.  I am a little Tea jennie and cant function unless i have had my morning cuppa.

17.  I love the smell of coffee but i cant stomach the taste of it.

18.  I hate all fish the smell puts me off ive tried and tried and tried to like it but just no.

19.  Im addicted to watching Pretty Little Liars and so glad A isnt after me :)

20.  I have a not so little Kitty Called Floyd he is black and white and is a monster - someone told me after they hit 1 they calm down ehhh they were wrong my cat is a menace but i love him.

21.  I work for a brewery doing sales and love it it has some great perks like free booze who wouldnt love it right?

22.  When i was about 15-16 i joined out local theatre group and appeared in the performance of Jack in the beanstock which i LOVED it.

23.  I have drawers and Drawers of make up that i havent even taken out the package that i have bought - This will be used more now im on a spending ban.

24.  I started blogging after reading so many lush blogs and thought i needed something to fill a space and call my own and a little space of the internet i can call my own. 

25.  I cannot wear Bronze/Gold eyeshadows they make my look like i have sore eyes which is gutting as there are so many beautiful shades to choose from.

So here you have it.  A little bit more info on ME.  I hope you like it.

Have you done the 25 things Tag?

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