Thursday, 14 March 2013

Whats on my Iphone

Hey Dolls

Ive seen loads of youtube videos about whats on my iphone and i really like them as sometimes you find that one app youve been looking for for ages, or maybe you see something that someone has an thing oooo that looks pretttty i need to have that, well maybe thats just me, but i thought i would do a wee post on whats on my iphone.

I basically just have a normal plan old iphone 4 and to b honest i like the wee guy.  He is white and has a number of different cases, im a sucker for a new phone case and ebay is great for them i think i must have around 25-30 different cases which is ridiculous right cause you can only use 1 at once but never mind.

So heres a couple of screen shots of "Whats on my Iphone"

So the first page is basically essentials,

Photos, Camera, Calendar, Contacts, app store, Itunes, Music, Settings, WhatsApp (Love this for group texts or sending pictures as its free) Email, Safari and right at the bottom i have my phone ant Text messages.

Next page has Youtube, Shazam (if you hear a song and you dont know what or who sings it, simply click on shazam and it will tell you the artist and the song, great app) IMDB, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogger, JustUnfollow (this is for all the wee sneakys on twitter that follow me then unfollw straight away), Poloramic (Great for editing pics to make them look like polaroids), app of the day.

Then i have notes, Free music (you can basically use any website that offers free music like Wapmusic or tubidy and download the song and play it from here) Tmobile App which is my network provider, Paypal, RBS and Flashlight

This page i have Typic (which is great to edit pictures and put captions on them), Picstich ( i use to make 4 or 3 pictures into 1) Line Camera ( I LOVE this app its a little like picFX you can add little light effects and hearts and bows) Polaramic AGAIN ( i moved my apps about and must have done this during taking pictures i apologise) i then have instastory ( to be honest i havent used this app) App for cats ( i use this for entertaining my cat when im trying to blog and he thinks im playing with the keys works great) Candy Crush i am addicted to this game but sooo frustrating, Emoji (which is where you get all your little smiley faces and such) justunfollow (moved again im sorry) and Unfollowme ( i actually dont know why i have 2)

Then i have Tesco which is great for doing my shopping when i cant be bothered logging into my laptop (its really old and slower than slow), Amazon, ASOS (Who doesnt have this app), Gumtree ( Again i dont know why i have this app as i never use it) Ebay - I couldnt live without this little Gem i buy loads and sell loads on ebay too and use it everyday, Next, App of the day ( Again apologies its been moved :( )

Last page has all the junk that i never use other than my alarm clock, but i have that right on my last page as i hate having to set an alarm so if its back there i dont need to see it.

So that's basically it.  I thought this would be a fun little post to give you a nosey at whats on my phone.

Have you done a whats on your phone post - Share it with me below.  I love new comments. 

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