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30 ways to save £1

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So was on the MoneySupermarket site having a nose about and came about the 30 ways to save £1 challenge that they are holding for bloggers to celebrate the £1 coin turning 30 on the 21st April and i thought i could do this.  I love a bargain and hate spending too much money on 1 product so if there is ways i can save i will.

I was going to spit it in to categories but i just went for it.  Hope you enjoy it and find some useful tips. (sorry its a little long)

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  1. Shop Around - Don't just buy it in the first shop u see it and this applies to clothing, shoes, beauty and even groceries.  I have seen a pair of shoes in River island priced at £45 and when i went into new look they had the almost identical ones for £22 so a complete bargain.
  2. Shop On line - Alot of on line shops offer 10% off (or higher) discount codes for your first shop or even all year round.  If its something you don't need right away and you can wait for it to be delivered and its saving you money why would you want the hassle of fighting your way through the shops.
  3. Discount Codes - there are alot more website out now that hold host to just discount codes which you can trail through to get the right one for you - 
  4. Money back sites - There are loads of money back or cash back site available now.  So sign up before you shop on line then earn money back or the things you buy *Some of them charge a yearly or monthly fee but if you use it more then you dont notice it)
  5. Ebay - if you see something online or in a shop and it has a heavy price tag - Shop on ebay search for it there or keep an eye out for it on there.  I have found many items half the price of the shop on ebay which has saved me money.
  6. Clothes Swap - Ive seen a few posts online from other bloggers that have done clothing swaps and got rid of things they have worn or havent worn and swapped it with something they will wear, not only does this save money but it also recycles your old clothes too.
  7. Customise - If you have worn something and like it, instead of buying something new why not customise it to change the appearance of it giving it a whole new look.
  8. Accessorise - Changing up the accessories to go with an outfit can make it a whole new look.  U can dress things up or down with accessories and they dont have to cost a fortune unlike buying a whole new outfit.
  9. Swap with friends - If you have a friend who is the same size in clothing rather than forking out for a new outfit raid there wardrobe and borrow something you like there.
  10. Coupons - I always see money off coupons every where and i use my tesco ones and boots ones they are fab for earning extra points to get extra pennies to spend.
  11. Beauty Cards - Boots advantage cards are good to get money back and the same with the Superdrug beauty card.  I always save the points up over the year then come christmas time i have enough points to buy some gifts with to save some extra money.
  12. Sales - Shop when there is a sale on then you could save half the money  you would have if you bought it full price.
  13. Non Seasonal - Dont buy your summer clothes in summer as you will end up paying full price for them.  They always put summer sales on in winter and then you see all the winter stock on sale during the summer.  This is a great way to save some money.
  14. Gift Lists - At christmas or birthdays you know how it is people always ask you is there anything you want or they are stuck for ideas.  Instead of telling them you dont need anything or to surprise you, tell them about that dress you have been lusting over or those new shoes you have seen.
  15. Use Up - Always use up a product to the end before buying something else.  I have done this alot recently as my bathroom was over loaded with new shower gels or hair shampoos that i had to buy to try when actually i have 5 or 6 bottles of half full shower gel that i could have used up before.
  16. Back to Mac - as high end make up goes mac is pretty expensive so u want to get every drop of foundation out that bottle or use that eyeshadow till all is left is pan - Mac offer the back to mac solution where you take 6 empty product bottles or cases back to them and they will compensate you with a free lipstick of your choice.  This is a great way to get a free lippy and if your a mac fan and have loads im sure you would use this to save some money.
  17. Buy used books/DVDs/CDs - This will save you loads if your a reader cause now some books can cost anything up to £15 but loads of places like Play Amazon Ebay allows you to buy 2nd hand books at a fraction of the cost.
  18. Borrow - from friends/Family - Really want to see that new films that come out or listen to that new CD? find out from your friends and family if any of them have it that you could borrow to listen to or watch then saves you the £10+ on buying if and you might not actually like it.
  19. Turn off the lights - If your not in don't have the lights on.  When i lived at home our house always looked like Blackpool illuminations cause every light in the house was on.  Now i live on my own and i need to pay the bills I'm more conscious of turning them of.
  20. Heating - Only put the heating on if its actually needed.  I love cosying up in a blanket or snuggled in my bed and ive seen me actually turning the heating off cause ive been too hot.  I used to have it on a timer so it would come on automatic but now i only put it on when i need it saving me money.
  21. Prepare Meals - I live alone and have limited cooking skills - I can make lasagne, spag bol, pasta dishes, you see where im going.  I can never just make this for one person i end up making the portion for 4 sometimes more.  But this works for me as this gives me lunches for work or dinners for another night saving some money.
  22. Packed Lunches - Take a packed lunch to work.  This means your not spending unnecessary money at work on over priced fruit or sandwiches.
  23. Drink more water - We should be drinking more water anyway and its the cheapest form of keeping hydrated, my problem is i get fed up so i buy some diluting juice to mix it up.  My point is one bottle of diluting juice can cost 60p - £1 and you can easily get 15 maybe more glasses from it which would be more than enough for a few days where as the typical price for a can of juice is about 80p this would save you money.
  24. Buy what you need - Just because something is on offer or buy 2 get 1 free or the good old boots 3 for 2 deals, think to yourself Do i need it? Do i have anything similar? if you only need 1 mascara but its on 3 for 2 your not really saving yourself money buy buying 3 items if you only need 1 of them.
  25. Make a List - When you are going on a shopping trip or your weekly/monthly grocery shop, make a list.  Know what you need before leaving the house this will stop you buying duplicates or forgetting 1 item of the list and before you know it your back at the shops the next day and you have a full basket again all because you missed 1 item.
  26. Sell your stuff - If you haven't worn it or used it in 6 months is it really worth keeping?  This can help you earn some extra cash to spend on some of the things you want still saving you some money.
  27. Boot Sales - These are great for mooching around and finding real bargains.  People want to get rid of as much clutter in the home as possible and dont want to take it back home with them so haggling with them on prices means you get a bargain and they get rid of there clutter.
  28. Markets - There are loads of markets up and down the country offering loads of different great buys.  They always have great deals on cleaning products or soap powders and general household goods and normally they are a good 2-3 cheaper.
  29. Poundlands - Sometimes in your local £1 shop you will find hidden gems at an absolute steal - Like i once found Stilla make up in my poundland - What i have noticed with shower gels is that when the local supermarkets have then on offer you can pick them up sometimes as little as 50p for large bottles where as the poundlands offer smaller sized bottles at still £1 so not really a bargain. Check these out.
  30. Walk more - Instead of taking your car out for that short journey to the shop or the local post office - Walk there instead this will save you petrol which means pennies and will also help boost your fitness for the day.  I always feel after a little brisk walk it makes you feel motivated and i get alot more done round the house.
So there you have it my challenge post for moneysupermarket.

you can find out all about it Here

Do you have any other saving money tips?  Have you done a post for this challenge?

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