Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I Went Shopping...

Hey Dolls

So im on a spending ban as ive posted about Here BUT i went shopping.  I recently won some vouchers from work so technically i didnt spend my hard earned cash i spent them.

I bought all my toiletries for my holiday which is under 2 weeks away.  ITS FLEW IN, and i bought all these little goodies too.

(Rubbish overview of everything picture)

I cant wait to get my hands into them and get using them.  I didnt even realize till i took the picture just how many Lip products i bought.  Woops.  time for a little clear out of the older ones in my collection i think.

Have you been shopping lately?  Bought any nice little treats?

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  1. Replies
    1. I cant wait to get my mitts on them and have a good play about with the, :) xx

  2. oo ive wanted to try that flushed palette

    1. Its honestly AMAZING.. Im going to do a little review of it soon cause i dunno how ive lived without it lol.



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