Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I Won...!

Hey Dolls

So recently i entered a little competition on twitter with Bourjois and i WON.  It was just a fun little competition to retweet the tweet kinda thing.  Anyway i just thought i would share with you my prize as i am simply in love with it.

I won the little Je t'aime blush pot trio set.

They come in this cute little tin

The colours are amazing and really highly pigmented and long lasting on the cheeks. 

These are in the colours :   Rose D'Or   -  Rose Ambre  - Cendre de Roses Brune.

Couldnt have asked for a better prize and these little beauts will be a packed for my holiday.

Do you have any Bourjois Blushers?  Whats your favourite?

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  1. Those look really good for the cheeks :) my mum has a lighter blusher similar to rose ambre :)

    1. Aweee ive been using the first pictured one alot cause it has a shimmer but i love them they are so highly pigmented deffo worth the money for them.

      Going to do a full review on them once ive used them a bit more :)



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