Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Night With Zen

Hey Dolls

I recently (04.04.13) attended an event for the relaunch of a spa called Zen Lifestyle in Edinburgh. They have recently renovated the whole spa and changed up the rooms and we were lucky enough to be invited along to share in there relaunch night.  This was a great opportunity for some of us to get some complimentary treatments on the night.  

It was a great night for me as it was my first ever event so i got to meet some lovely bloggers who made me feel so welcome and was great to put some faces to names.

Zen Lifestyle is a Day spa, Skin clinic and Beauty salon all rolled into one and has 3 prime locations in Edinburgh and won UK salon of the year for 2012.

On entering the salon we were greeted buy the Salon Director Fiona who kindly gave us some complimentary bubbly, took our jackets and made us feel totally welcome.  I felt really relaxed and My first impression of the salon was it looked really bright and spacious and had a kinda futuristic feel to it with a pop of elegance thrown in also.  

The white and purple decor bounces so well off each other and with the beautifully arranged flowers all around the space makes in more inviting.

We were then given a tour of the spa by Fiona, who gave us loads of information of the treatments available and with her wide wealth of knowledge of these treatments she answered all the questions we put to her.

My thoughts of the Salon is that it was really relaxed and inviting and we were made to feel really welcome.  All of the staff we spoke to about treatments gave us all the information we would need if we were carrying them out.

The treatments that were on offer which we got to witness on the night were - 

Blink and Go Lashes
HD Brows
Express Shellac
Clear + Brilliant

After seeing the results on some of the other bloggers i was amazed.  Ive had HD brows a couple of times but ive always felt they were too dark for me.  The good thing with Zen is they ASK what u prefer and do skin test and they even have little devices they they can show you before an after pictures of other clients.

The treatments rooms all have adjustable lights and temperature controls and are fitted with a device which looked like an mini Ipad - these were to control the music and to store the therapists before and after treatment pictures to show you results. The rooms felt relaxed, you can also pick the mood of music you would like to go with your treatment whether you want o listen to whales as you get a massage or if you like something more upbeat while they are performing some other treatment, the choice is yours.

At Zen they offer a wide variety of treatments other than the above mentioned check out there Website for more details.

Heres some pictures from the night - and as you can see its a really amazing place. 

We were also kindly gifted some amazing products in a little goody bag which i cant wait to review.

Whats your favourite treatment to get?  Have you ever visited Zen?

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  1. Wow looks so inviting and decor looks lovely. Sounds like a mega treat wish we were there. Great post Gillian <3

    MLF x

    1. The place is amazing and somewhere you would feel relaxed and welcome. just what you need when you want to chill out :)


  2. Great review! Looks like a fab night :) x

    1. It was a really good night for my first blogger event and the people were so welcoming :) xx


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