Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Ascel Wrinkle Miracle* - My Thoughts

Hey Dolls

So recently i was contacted by James from Tanning and Beauty World to see if i would like to trial and review the Ascel Wrinkle miracle serum*.  Now hitting nearly 31 im really conscious about getting wrinkles and also finding the right day/night cream for my skin since its changing so much lately so i thought this would be something i would be interested in trialing.

When i opened the package i was really impressed with the packaging.  It looked really expensive but modern at the same time.

The liquid is clear and is a little like a gel and its lovely and cooling round the eye.

Ive used this for around 3 weeks now to give it a good use before letting you know my thoughts.

I dont have a huge amount of wrinkles but did have a few little lines appearing round my eyes.  I have tried to picture my eyes before and after but my photography skills do not do them any justice.  I do appoligies if anyone does want to see them let me know and i can email them over.

 I feel like it has softened my skin and made my eyes seem alot brighter.  It has made the fine lines that i was starting to notice stop appearing.  There isnt alot of fragrance to the product which is good considering its going around your eye which can be sensitive.  The pen like applicator is good for quickness of application

I really dont have alot of cons for the product my only grumble is I felt sometimes the liquid would come out alot quicker than i anticipated so it ment i was wasting some.    

Have you tried any Wrinkle Eye serums or creams?

* This item was sent to me for review purposes.

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  1. I am obsessed with wrinkles and not getting them xx

    1. Im the same totally paranoid and trying EVERYTHING to stop it happening lol or delay it lol xx


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