Friday, 17 May 2013

My First OOTD

Hey Dolls

So this is a new kind of post for me and really hummed and haaa'd about doing it as ive no confidence and plus im rubbish at photography as you will all know.  But never mind im embracing it and going with the flow.

I bought this skirt from Simply Be and it was love.  I just love the material and how it sits on me.  Im really short so only 4ft11 but i feel that this skirt is the perfect length for a long midi/short maxi for me.

Im in the proces of trying to find a decent tripod so i can do some more and proper pictures so i appoligise now for the quality of the photos.

(An overview of the full look)

I wore the Simplybe skirt with just a plain flowy white vest.  I wore a simply boyfriend fit cream cardi and wore little flat black pumps.

As you can see from the picture above the skirt just sits at a nice length on my legs not showing too much.

Have you bought any of the simply skirts?  What do you think of my outfit?

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  1. I love the skirt, I have embraced midi dresses but have yet to try a midi skirt mainly because I am unsure of what top to wear!! Love the whole outfit x (PS I got a cheap tripod from Argos for £20 its a bit flimsy but it does the job!!!) xx

    1. I absolutely love maxi and midi dresses but dont have the height to pull them off. i think the length of these skirts are perfect for me. Awe thanks i will have a look and see if i can see it. its really frustrating trying to photograph urself without one. im rubbish haha.

      Thanks Nikki


  2. You look fab!!! Love your skirt, the print is gorgeous!! I got my tripod from Amazon.. it was under a tenner, and it's really good quality, even though it's cheap xx

    Gemma | ♥

    1. Thanks so much for the comment Gemma. I absolutely fell in love with the print of the skirt and have it in a navy blue with pink flamingos on it too. The material is fab and i think the length sits well on me cause of my shortness. I deffo need to get a tripod so will check it out.

      Thanks again


  3. Such a lovely outfit, the skirt is gorgeous. They do really good tripods in Aldi/Lidl from time to time, be worth keeping an eye out for them :)

    Ellie xo design blog | beauty & fashion blog


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