Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thursdays NOTD

Hey Dolls

I have just taken off my Acrylic nails that i had on for the last nearly 4 weeks and by god they were needed removed the growth i had was unreal.



I decided to paint myself some pretty nails to help them grow strong again and i like to have some quirky nails.

this is the products i used.

This is the varnishes i used:

Nina Ulta Pro from Sallys - In Black
Yes Love (  IBought in Benidorm) and its in a purple fuscia
BD Barbdra Daly in wizardry
Collection Lasting Gel top Coat.

The Collection Gel top coat is simply amazing i love how it has a massive brush to apply with and i love how shinny it makes ur nails look.  This is my first time using it so will see how well it lasts.

This is what the finished look i did turned out like:

Have you done any quirky nail art recenty?  Do you prefer a FRench Maiqure or colour pop nails?

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  1. Loving the pop nails, that pink is a really lovely colour xx

  2. Your nails look amazing!

    I'm terrible at nail art! :(

    Jade x


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