Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Lashfibres* - My Thoughts

Hey Dolls

So recently i was sent some Lash fibres to try and review and being all about the lashes i jumped on this opportunity and tried them the best i could.

I love eyelashes and would love to be able to wear strip lashes but for me they just dont work, i am always applying and removing individual lashes but they take there toll on my poor lashes and end up with hardly any left so i thought this would be perfect the perfect solution to give me a little extra length and still look natural without all the hassle.

Here is a few pictures i took of applying them and the over all look.

This is my little eye with nothing on - No Mascara no nothing BARE...

On the instructions it tells you to apply 1 layer of mascara this helps the fibres attach to the mascara and give the lengthening look.

this is after i have applied the first layer of mascara to my lashes

This is with 1 layer of mascara on then i have applied the fibres to my lashes

After Application of the 2nd coat of mascara.  I feel that it has definitely added a little length to my lashes after 1 application and it has also increased the volume on my lashes.

I love wearing the fibres they really help make my eyes pop.  they are simple to apply and really easy to remove with eye make up remover or baby wipes which ever you prefer, AND the bonus is that they aren't damaging to your eye or lashes at all.

these are deffo a winner in my book

So what do you think?  Have you tried Lashfibres before?

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  1. They look really striking on you!

    1. Awe thank you. they are sooo easy to put on and makes my lashes look so much more volumised i love them.


  2. They look amazing, think I defo will have to look into these!

    1. they are really good. I love that they make my lashes look much more volumised and fuller and give them a little extra length. This was only 1 little application u can keep repeating the steps till you happy with how they look too. Deffo worth a buy.


  3. Wow, They made such a great difference.
    I will defiantly be giving these ago. Thanks for the review

    1. They make such a difference i love them :)



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