Friday, 28 June 2013

My Hair Journey

Hey Dolls

My hair has gone through many of a different styles and colours over the last 2 years but ive eventually got to a stage where i am happy with my little Doo.  Well apart from the fact that the colour rains soooooooo badly but thats what i get for choosing a vibrant colour.

Everyone goes on about those horse shampoos now i dont know if im being blonde or not but are they actually Horse shampoo like shampoo for horses or is that all in the name?? Anyway ive never tried them or wanted to incase they are for actual horses, my hair is dry enough. 

I have been using the Lee Stafford - For Hair That Doesn't Grow Past a Certain Length Treatment.  I LOVE this stuff.  I love the smell and the way it leaves my hair feeling and mostly i think that this has been beneficial to my overall hair growth journey.

Here's some pictures of my hair journey starting from December.

So my hair started off with a fringe and Red and pretty darn short.

I then started to grow my fringe out and tried to purple it up a little.  I think the growth shows how much its changed from December till about April when this photo was taken

And last but not least this picture was taken at the beginning of June and i feel my hair has grown so much and changed so much since December.

Im really chuffed with the results on how my hair has grown - Now im not saying that its purely down to the Lee stafford treatment but i feel with regular cuts and using this product has deffo helped make my hair grow alot quicker than it normally would.

do you have any treats for your hair to help it grow?

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