Monday, 10 June 2013

Things I Regret Buying #1

Hey Dolls

So i know every ones always quick to write about things the love or have found that are absolute gems and cant live without and I'm guilty of that as well.  Since we are half way through the year i thought i would show you some of the things I've purchased this year that i wont be repurchasing and regret buying.

Here is a  wee overview of all the things that jumped out at me straight away that i knew i had to include in this post.

Strip Fake Eyelashes - I don't know why i bought these to be honest for 1 i cant apply strip lashes and 2 they look totally fake on and just not me.
Fur Effect Nails - I hate the feel of Fuzzy felt and this is what these remind me of.  First of all they are terrible to apply it looked like a royal mess i had made of my nails and being a nail tech and a bit of a perfectionist they so weren't me, and 2nd bad point for me was as soon as i washed my hands they felt bits looked matted and started to fall off.  good if u don't need to wash ur hands.
NYC Colour Wheel Blush - I seen this and seen the colours in the blush and thought i had to have it and to be honest its no different to all the other Mosaic blushers i have although i found this one to have the least colour pay off than say the MUA one so i wont be re buying this wee guy.
Elf Bronzer - This looks like war paint on me its sooooo dark and no matter how much i blended it i still looked like i had applied it with a paint brush..  A big no no for me.
Loreal Lip stain in purple - I don't know what possessed me to buy a purple lip colour i really cant pull it off.  I know the colour pay offs with these are not the best but me and purple just don't go.
VO5 give me texture powder  - I loved the thought of this stuff because my hair is always flat as a pancake so wanted to try make some volume in it but honestly this wasn't my best idea.  As soon as i had put this on my hair i felt like i was scratching my head the whole night which was not a good look and not good my the head as soon as i got home i had to scrub my head and hair to get it out.  Its a not good product for me personally.
Maybeline Falsies Mascara - I like big brushes and wet mascara and i didn't find this to be a good product i could get on with.  I has a reasonable size brush but its just not wet enough so i wont be re buying it.
Maybeline Colour Sensation lip stain  - This felt like i had literally took a highlighter and coloured in my lips it was the weirdest feeling ever and i couldn't get past the feeling to wear it out.  It looked like i had benetint on my lips.  It dried really quickly but didn't have any staying power and the minute i had eaten something it was gone and didn't taste very good either.

So there you have it. 

What do you regret buying this year?  Have you tried any of these products and did u like them?

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