Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Butters or Lotions

Hey Dolls

So during operation use up thought July (you can read about it HERE) I was looking through my soap & glory stash and noticed I had the Righteous butter and righteous lotion.. When I opened the butter it's not even been touched but my Lotion is half empty/full.

I thought about it for a couple of minutes as to why I haven't used this or even touched it then it dawned on me.. The butter is too messy..

I'm a lover of long nails and acrylic nails so for me simply giving the lotion a couple of pumps from the bottle and walla you have plenty cream to apply to your designated area... BUT with the butter you need to go and dig your finger in and get the desire amount out that you think you might use then apply it..

As you can see my Lotion is nearly done and the Butters not even been touched.  This is too messy for my liking.  I like nice and easy and non messy..

What's your thoughts? Do you prefer the lotion with a pump or sticking your fingers into the butter?

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