Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Its Tan Time

Hey Dolls

So i used to be a tan freak and always have tan on no matter where i was going if anywhere id always need to apply at the start in the middle and at the end of the week even if i only had a date with my pjs and a movie.
I always feel better with a tan and living in Scotland its not very often we get the chance to sun it up so we need to fake it.

Ive tried and tested loads of tans from really cheap to really expensive but i always find myself going back to this tan.
Its the Tan Truths self tan and you can buy it from Sallys.  I love how its colour guided (means u can see it when you apply it) and love how it smells i really dont think it has that proper biscuity smell, dont get me wrong you can totally tell ive just tanned but i like the smell of it.

With this tan i never get streaking or go patchy and find when it is washing off you dont get that scaley way when u can totally see you need to top up the tan.  And after a good exfoliate its all removed.
I can apply this on the friday night in preparation for a big night out on a saturday and buy the tuesday i will need to exfoliate it all off and start again.  Now thats me showering twice a day as well so it would last longer if i didnt shower both night and morning.

Ive tried both the instant tan and the gradual tan as well and both have amazing results.  I dont think they leave me looking too orange but definetly give me that nice summer glow.

What do you think? whats your favourite tanner?

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    1. Awe thank you so much for the comment it means so much to me

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