Friday, 12 July 2013

My Make Up Removing Favourites

Hey Dolls

A long time ago I used to just grab a baby wipe and rub my face like mad, then again and again till the make up was gone and the baby wipe was still white.  

Now I can't even put a baby wipe near my face without it going red and blotchy and flairing up :(.

I've tried and tested loads of different eye make up removers and cleansing waters and creams and lotions of all kinds and I just wanted to share with you my make up removing ninjas...

Ok so not technically ninjas but they sure as hell work wonders on removing all my make up with ease and not wasting a lot of product or leaving my skin red raw from rubbing.

And here's what they are..

I Love the Nivea Eye Make up remover as it really is gentle on the eyes it doesnt sting it doesnt leave your skin feeling greasy and basically removes all my mascara wiht about 2-3 wipes of a cotton pad.

The Loreal water is amazing as well i tend to swap between this and the number 7 one.  I feel it really cleans my face and removes all my make up and even if i dont have any on i still use it at night.  It brightens my skin and leaves it feeling clean and not oily.

All in all i love both these product and have repurchased the nivea remover about 5 or 6 times now and the loreal water has been repurchased twice now but only cause its new.

Whats your favourite and effective way of removing your face of the day?

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  1. the l'oreal water is incredible, I was a loyal to bioderma for years before discovering this recently. Definite HG. x

    1. Yeah i love it too between the loreal and the no7 one which ever is on offer :) boots have it on 1/3 off just now too :~) xx

  2. I've only been a convert to micellar waters for a couple of weeks but I love them! My skin feels squeaky clean without being tight or sore....result!! And a fraction of the price of my usual cleanser :)

    Sarah |

    1. Im the same Sarah i was totally like yeah right its water im not paying for that but now im a total convert my skin always feels so refreshed after. boots have it on 1/3 off just now too :) bargain


    2. Aye, I stocked up on it, lol! X


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