Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser

Hey Dolls

So there was a little competition from the lovely people at tesco beauty and you could win a bottle of the new Nivea shower gel.  

I did as the tweet said and gave it a little re tweet and low and behold id bagged myself a little bottle of the stuff.

I AM IN LOVE.  The stuff smells like your typical Nivea cream but its a shower cream/gel.  Its amazing.  Basically what you do is give yourself a wash or exfoliate as you would normally do then apply the nivea cream while in the shower.  It leaves your skin smelling amazing and feeling amazing too.

It might mean more time spent int he shower but saves time moisturizing after the shower.  Ive used about 3/4 of the product now and every time im more amazed with this little gem.  My skin feels really soft an hydrated and its all down to this little gem.

Have you tried out the Nivea shower moisturizer?  Do you have any favourite moisturizers?

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