Monday, 8 July 2013

Operation Use up #2 July

Hey Dolls

When i first started blogging i done a post that went down really well on Operation Use up.  Basically i have got loads of products that ive half used and i either bin them or end up with loads of bottles and tubs of half used product all over the place, which is basically where i am now.

I love doing this project as mean i get to have a clear out and means i can save some of my hard earned pennies to buy new products and things to try and test out.

Now normally id insert a little picture of all the things i plan on using up through July but i have so many it would be a mountain of pictures and take a decade to picture them all.

It will all be skin care, make up, and hair products.

I will show the empties that ive used up at the end of july so keep your eyes peeled.

Has anyone done this before?  Was it successful?  

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