Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Whats in my Handbag

Hey Dolls

So while browsing my normal daily go to blogs i came across a post on the "whats in your handbag" Challenge that was set by the fab people over at which you can find the post - Here sadly the competition has ended but i thought it was a fab idea for a post just to see how much you actually carry around without even putting a price tag on it.

So here is some pictures of whats in my bag and then i will do a cost breakdown.

Cost breakdown.

Lipsy winged tote bag   -  Lipsy £45.00
Hello Kitty Make up bag  -  H&M £4.00
Purse  -  Clarks £12.00 - Contemts Around £10.00 in change
Kindle  -  Bought for £89 but retails now for £69
Iphone 4 - £319 (not pictured as i took the pictures with it but always in my bag)
Sunglasses - Next £12.00
Mirror  -  Les Tai Tai £15.00
Weekly bus ticket  -  First Bus £18.50
Sunbed Cream (Australian Gold)  - £21.99 from Tanz
Nail file - Millennium nails £1.79
Deodorant  Vaseline £1.00
Soap & Glory body spray Mini - £3.50 (I Think)
Stella Summer  -  £40.00
Origins spot treatment  -  £14.00
Small bag kirbies  -  priceless
Thomas sabo bracelet and charms - around £100 including charms
random bracelet from asda - £3.00
headphones - £6.99 from ebay
hair clip - 99p
tissues - 99p for 4
tablets - Priceless  

Contents in make up bag Above
Naked flushed  -  £20.00
4 Mac eyeshadow - 40.00
real techniques face brush - £12.99
revlon blusher brush  -  £3.99
Revlon eyebrow brush  - £2.99
Set of 3 brushes from asda £5.00
MeMeMe lipstick - £8.00
Mac Blush in Dollymix - £14.00
Random blush from set -Priceless
MUA highlighter - £3.00
MUA lipgloss - £2.00
Maybeline Lipstick - £7.20
Revlon Lipgloss - £7.99
Revlon lip butter - £5.99
Thick and fast mascara - £9.00
theyre real mascara - £9.50
stay flawless - £24.50
Mac Paint in bare canvas - £13.00
Maybeline gel eyeliner - £5.99
elf brushes x 2 £3.00
MUA eyeshadow brush - £1.75
Rimmel Scandal eyes eyeliner £3.99
MeMeMe eyeliner £8.00
Benefit bad gal mini eyeliner - Part of set
Rimmer stay matte powder - £3,99
Blistex - £2.99

Bag total - £699
Make up bag total - Around £220

Total bag with all contents - £919

WOW im completely gobsmacked at the total amount i carry around with me everyday and dont have a care int he world.  

I think from now on i will be paying more attention to my bag and where i leave it laying around.

Have you done a whats in your bag?  Do you carry around enough stuff to last a year?

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  1. It's crazy how all the little things add up! Makes you think twice about leaving your bag unattended :O xx

  2. Hey Gillian, that's a whole lot of things in your bag everyday, stay hidden (*tongue*). Liked the design of your bag, though it looks small, but I couldn't believe it will store all above mentioned items. I didn't know that doing a "What's in my bag" is now a public. I like handbags, but I don't keep it with me all the time, I more likely to keep a long strap handbags. Thanks for sharing your story, found it interesting.


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