Thursday, 29 August 2013

Gelish Polishes & New Hair

Hey Dolls

So if any of you pay attention to my ramblings or follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you will know im a qualified Nail Technician.  I dont do it as a day job but do dabble in the ole bit nail art.

Ive recently started using gel polishes as they are perfect for a quick manicure or pedicure and last for upto 14 days without chipping which is a big bonus for me as i HATE chipped nail polish.  This polish you have to cure under a UV lamp but it means that i dont need to paint them every other day.

I was browsing round my local sallys store eyeing up my trusty pink hair dye ( Im now a brunette :O) when i noticed they have started stocking Gelish nail polishes.

Heres a little pic of my new hair too - Let me know what you think??

I ran over to the stand had a little browse through the colours and picked up these 2 little guys.

This colour is called Shake it till you Samba - The other i bought is black cherry berry.  I also got a free gift of the gelish cleanser which cleans the sticky film off your nails after you have cured them under a UV lamp.

I am actually in love with them.  The colour i have on now is one of my favourite colours and im so happy i have this in my life.

I will be purchasing alot more of these little fellas thats for sure.

Have you ever used Gelish?  Whats your thoughts? Any recommendations?

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  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! I really like it!
    I also love the colour of your red nail varnish x

    1. Awe thanks Hannah.. Im still getting used to it but do miss my pink haha. I love them im going to try out the black cherry red one next but this one is so neon'y and i love it :)


  2. Love the hair missus!
    Ive been dying mines red but toying of going back to brunette again.


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