Thursday, 5 September 2013

Cheap Find - Hair Oil

Hey Dolls

 So while i was rushing around one day trying to get some shopping and having to pick up some toiletries for going away on a hen weekend i quickly nipped into my local Home Bargains store,  Its a little cheap shop but sells a whole array of different good from food and drink to toys and toiletries.

I was grabbing some shampoo and conditioner when i seen this for 89p I thought why not whats the worst that could happen.

I bought an Argan oil before but stopped using it as it left my hair feeling greasy and looked lifeless.

Ive been using this after ive washed my hair.  I towel dry it then give a good few sprays of this all over my hair.

Ive noticed a big different in the condition of my hair.  Its alot softer and shinier and looks more healthier.  I cant put it just down to this as ive been using more of the Lee Stafford hair treatments too and with the change in hair colour its made it alot more healthier too.

For 89p im certainly happy that ive got my moneys worth for sure and this is something i would recommend anyone who has a home bargains near them and haven't tried a hair oil before or dont fancy spending upwards of £10 for something your not sure of.

What do you think of hair oils?

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  1. In all honesty I think a lot of them are overrated, or maybe it's just me not using them in every single way that's recommended. Some are great e.g. Kerastase (but it come with a hefty price tag). Xx

    1. I was the same Charlotte and would totally grudge paying upwards of £10 for it but when i seen this i grabbed it, i dont know if its this or a mixture of both but my hair condition has deffo improved. Thanks for your comment as always :) xx

  2. Will def be having a nosy as been wanting to try this after my hairdressers used it once and at 89p def a bargain!

    1. yeah deffo nikki i was amazed when i seen it and ive noticed my hair is in much better condition but i dont know thats its all down to this but its helping thats fo sure :)



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