Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Heatless Curls Take 2

Hey Lovelies

A While ago i done a quick post on a way to create heatless curls.  I am obsessed at the moment with curls and trying to find the best way which is not damaging or less damaging to my hair and leaves it looking effortless.

I googled a few different way and today im going to show you one of the other ways i found to do heatless curls.

Firstly heres what you will need.

  • Hairbrush of your choice - this is just to brush ur hair into sections.
  • A conditioning spray or curl spray - Im using my cheap Hair oil spray
  • Loads of Kirby grips or Bobby pins.

First you are going to take a smallish or biggish section of your hair depending on how you want the curls to look i too a small section of hair to start with.  

You are going to wrap this round 2 fingers or 1 if you want smaller curls and then take 1 of your bobby pins/kirby grips and place it through the looped hair so its attached to your head and secured in place.

Below shows the loop pinned into place.

Keep carrying on around your hair till you have pinned it all up into little loops like so...

I basically went to sleep like this with all the little loops and prayed that when i woke in the morning i would have something that resembled curls.

Heres the finished look.  All i have done it basically unpinned the loops and left it i didnt brush it or run my fingers through i have simply left it.  I did have a bit of a restless night so the curls at the back were a little messed up and smaller but again i couldnt judge how much hair i had taken or if i had pinned it right.

I didnt have enough time this morning to style it but i deffo recommend this option.  I found it really easy to sleep with the pins in my hair.  It was really easy to do and took me about 10 minutes max to loop all my hair and pin it.

I would say give this a go if you have time in the morning to style it or if you like this look you could simply leave it.  Bare in mind i have only took the pins out and left it.

What do you think of heatless curls?  Have you any other methods?

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