Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Mask On - Mask Off

 Hey Dolls

Im not really one for sticking with a face mask or using them all the time to be honest.  Ive bought loads of different ones over the years but always seem to chuck them out as never get round to using them.  

That's kinda like the beauty part that i miss out on cause i forget to take it into the bathroom with me or just too lazy to do it.

My friend does Avon and i was intrigued when i was flicking through the brochure and came across this one cause it was a black mineral mask and i have heard good things about the Lush one so thought this could be ok.

I applied this as per the instructions on the leaflet.  I was left looking like this...

This dries into the skin after about 10 minutes and drys like a light grey colour so that you know when its ready to come off.

You can see from the picture below the difference in colours.

When it was dry it left my pores looking MASSIVE which isnt a good look.  the mask dried like clay and made my skin feel really tight.

Not a pretty sight looking at my massive pores :(

Overall i love using this face mask.  It claims to be deep pore penetrating, Ive been using it twice a week and altho i haven't seen major changes in my skin it is definitely helping to maintain the fresh look for me.

What do you recommend as a good face mask?  Have you tried this face mask?

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