Wednesday, 11 September 2013

NSPA Goodies*

Hey Dolls

So recently ive been changing up my skin care and trying out some new things to see what works and what doesn't for me.  Ive got really dry skin in the morning then really oily in the afternoon and no matter what i use i cant get rid of the shine.

The lovely people over at NSPA kindly sent me a few bits to try out.  I love how there products are numbered in order of use as im rubbish and would do it in completely the wrong way and would get the worst results.


I was sent No 1 The Ultimate Cleansing Tonic.  This stuff is really pretty its an Orange and clear liquid which you need to shake up before use to mix both phases together - This cleanser removes make up even waterproof mascara and also all the days impurities that attach to your skin.

I liked using this cleanser to remove my make up the only thing i didn't like was it was quite oily so couldn't use it on its own but going with the step program i moved onto step 2.

Step 2 is a Brightening Detox Scrub.  This contains micro exfoliation beads to draw out impurities and smooth the skin out.  This is a white creamy lotion with tiny little beads in it.  Smells really nice also.  This made my skin feel really smooth and soft and removed all the oil from the cleanser.

Step 3 is probably my favourite and i have been using it every day.  This is the Illuminating beauty Serum.  You can use this under or over your make up.  I have been applying a primer then this then my powder as i dont wear foundation.  This gives my skin a really nice healthy glow and evens out my skin tone.  I love it.

Step 4 and final step is the  Night Repair Cream.  This is used to help strengthen and protect your cells in your face to help it stay smooth and young.  I haven't used this as much as i have been trying out my origins night mask.  I really like the smell of this product and love that the cream is a pinky colour.

Over all i loved all the products NSPA sent me and love the fragrance of them.  I would recommend these products to anyone looking for new skin care.  You can purchase these in your local asda and are reasonably priced.

Check out there range HERE  

Have you tried anything out from the NSPA range?

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