Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Knitting Takes Over

Hello Lovelies

Just realised i haven't actually blogged in 5 whole days or even read any posts in 5 whole days and neglected my twitter for almost that time too.

Where have i been i hear you ask.  I haven't been anywhere i have been caught up in the Big Knit.

For anyone who hasn't seen the adverts or know what it is check out the link HERE

Ive never been a big knitter or know how to really but after some of my work colleagues had got involved i thought it was such a great idea so i wanted to add some of my little woolly hats to our work collection to send off.

This was the first little hat that i made and was soooooo chuffed with myself for it.

Then i went on to create all of these little ones, I just couldn't stop myself.

Then my little experiment of Cat in the Hat i was super chuffed when this was finished.

these ended up being 2 little ones i just did with some end of wool that was left over from my other half's mum, but still cuties.

And Finally here is all our little hats together that we made at my work to send off to Innocent Smoothies for the Big Kit.

Its such a great cause and one ive enjoyed doing.  So if you see a smoothie with any of these little hats on throughout November then you know me and my colleagues at work made them.

Have you ever done the big knit?

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  1. These are so cute and adorable! I so want to join in, will have to get some wool and knitting needles from my nan! I really love the cat in the hat one :) x


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