Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Loving on TV

Hello Lovelies

So lately me and my other half have been catching up on some tv shows and i wanted to share with you some of what we have been loving.

Storage Wars

OMG this program is insane.  People actually bid hard earned cash on storage bins that could be full of complete junk.  Its so addictive and with it only being like 25 mins long we have watch a million episodes.

Storage Hunters

Again this is the same kind of idea but has different charecters in it and so highly addictive to watch.

Baggage Battles

Ever lost a suitcase while travelling and not claimed it or recieved it back? Or have you ever lost something on a train and never got it back.  Well baggage battles are people who go round auctions around the world buying peoples lost and found.  Its crazy insane and again soooo addictive

Can you notice a little theme going on there...

I have just recently found Storage hunters Canada but we have yet to watch it.

Have you seen any of these programmes?  Whats your thoughts?

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  1. i love storage hunters poppa bear is my fave with his chilled out voice! or is that one storage wars! who knows i just love these types of shows!

    1. Awe Kerri im the same we are now totally addicted to them haha.. altho i hate Dave in Storage wars when he does that YEEEP thing Grrrrr lol.. xx

  2. I LOVE Storage Hunters! So addictive. x x

    Just me Leah


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