Friday, 11 October 2013

Man Flu

Hello Lovelies

Well the dreaded man flu has well and truly claimed its stay in my house.  Saturday saw me take to Glasgow for the FABB Glasgow event which was an amazing day out with some amazing scottish bloggers.

Since returning home i have been tucked up in bed with many a roll of toilet paper and cold and flu medication galore.

My other half found me these little lemsips which are my favourite flavour ever but to be honest ive no taste so cant comment on how they actually taste or smell.  The Berry Blast lozengers are amazing although again i cant taste them but they help my throat from throbbing and feeling like im swallowing glass so recommend these.

I have never had the cold or flu as bad as i am feeling now and on Monday night i was close to visiting my local A&E as i was really struggling to breathe.

I literally ache from head to toe and im now into day 6 in bed and its only now lifting slightly.  If this is what man flu feels like then Men can keep it.

I had loads of people telling me some of there grannies remedies to get rid but to be honest i hate honey and hate lemon and could think of nothing worse.

Tomato soup in a Hello Kitty bowl is a cold and flu must have.

Have you had a bout of the cold this year?  Any remedies for getting rid of it fast?

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  1. OMG I did not know they did an apple & cinnamon Lemsip. I NEED these in my life. I love their lemon & menthol flavour. Mmmm. Whenever I feel a cold coming on, out comes the Lemsip. It usually does the trick. You can't beat a glorified paracetamol, vit c, caffine mixture.
    I hope you are feeling better now.


    1. Feeling so much better thanks Helen. and i know my other half sourced them for me from tesco i think but they are amazing. Still have that paracetamol taste but definetly better than the blackcurrant or lemon ones and they smell lush :)



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