Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Mega Cheap Brushes

Hey Lovelies

I dunno about everyone else but i always find i have no less than about 50 items in my watch list on ebay that never seems to go down no matter how much i buy from it, that little watch number always seems to get higher.

Recently i was looking for some cheap everyday brushes that i could take to work that i didn't mind if they got waste,d so thought i would go on the hunt to ebay to see what i could find when i stumbled across these little beauts.

The brushes come is this cute little pink packaging all the way from China so took about 3 weeks to come but i wasn't in a hurry so it was fine.

the brushes are slightly bigger than ur average brush and longer too but i have a big long make up bag so fit in perfectly.  You can get them in either Silver or gold but i chose the silver version.

They are super soft and i haven't noticed any fall out so far.  Will be giving them a wash this weekend so that will be the test.  They are pretty dense so would be good for concealer or using as an other detailing brushes other than for your eyes.

In total i paid £3.97 for all 4 brushes including postage which i thought was amazing value.

you can check them out on ebay HERE

Ive noticed they do a range of what looks like a knock off of real techniques brushes but really cheap also.

Have you found any bargain brushes?  whats your ebay tips?

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