Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Stay Pout Lips

Hello Lovelies

So as we all know i love a pink lippy.  Bright pink lips are my go to favourite.  I wear it with every look the brighter the better.

I was recently mooching around my local boots having a gander at all the new treats from some of the brands they stock when i stumbled over the Seventeen section. 

I noticed these new lipsticks that they had and the word pout jumped right out at me.

What do you think of this colour?  I love how its kinda blue undertones and its Matte but is really creamy on your lips.  Ive found that this really stains your lips also so when it starts to wear off your still left with a pop of colour on them.  I love this and will be one of my go to pink lippys.  Thanks Seventeen for making a pink lippy dream.

Whats your favourite pink lipstick?

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  1. Nice shade of pink! Wish I was able to pull of that color :)


    1. Awe u deffo would be able to pull it off :) i love a pink lippy lol


  2. Wow this colour is amazing! I love really bright pinks, even to just dab it on to get a more sheer finish, but the colour still pops! Amazing!

    1. Me too i love a bright lip i really cant pull of Red tho so tend to stick to pink and this colour is justa beaut <3 great idea about just using it a little as well rather than a bright bright lip.



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