Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Aussie Miracles

Hello Lovelies

As you know ive changed up my hair probably a million and 1 times its been long, short, shaved, well one sided and been a variety of different colours.

Now im getting on a bit or so my mum keeps telling me.  She also keeps mentioning its about time i need normal hair so im currently rocking the brunette look.

Its a little dark still but ill get to the colour i want in time i don't want to put any bleach or anything bad for my hair on it at the minute as its in such bad condition that ive been playing around with different shampoo's and conditioners trying to find what will make my hair happy again.

Ive been trying various different ranges of Aussie and cant decide which i like best.  Here just some ive been trying.

The problem im now finding with the Aussie range is i don't know which one works best with my hair.  I think because im trying to keep it in good condition im swaying more to the frizz Miracle range so i don't need to use as much heat on it.

Whats your top tips for getting hair to good condition?  whats your favourites from the Aussie Range?

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