Friday, 15 November 2013

Cheap and Mattifying Moisturier

Hello Lovelies

You are all probably sick and tired of me going on about skin care as its all i seem to rave about or rant about these days.  But as mentioned 101 times before my skin is a nightmare and im mixing things up a bit to try find what works and what doesn't.

Ive shared this before in a favourites post but decided it needs its own spread.

Asda is full or bargains if you have the time to wonder about and read the ins and outs of things.  I did one day and found this little beaut.

Skin systems is a brand that is stocked in asda and they have a full range of different products which ive not tried or looked at to be honest this was the only thing that caught my little eye because i seen the word Matt finish.


this little gem costs just only £1 from your local Asda store and its been one of my go to moisturisers for a while now.  Its got a really creamy consistency but it leaves my skin feeling hydrated but not shiny.

I can go till about lunchtime before i notice a shine and the way my skin is its damn good in my books.

Have you tried this out before?  Or any of the other Skin System products?

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  1. I've been using this moisturiser too at the moment :D but finding it's not hydrating my skin as much as i like, my skin feels tight in some places but I love this one for the summer as it has a matte finish :D


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