Thursday, 19 December 2013

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Ive had a little break from blogging and my life has taken toll recently.  Ive had alot on with work and Christmas just round the corner but im back and have a few posts to catch up on.

I recently seen Area H20 tweet about looking for bloggers to take part in the #AreaH20Challenge and i jumped at the chance.

(Set Costs £17.50* from Look Fantastic )
My hair is limp and dull and broken and just in a general rubbish condition.  Ive tried loads of oils and products but never actually thought about the water i was using to wash my hair.

Different types of water react differently to different hair types and the lovely people at Area H20 have designed a Shampoo & Conditioner range for different Water types.

So i live in Scotland and that's classed as a Soft water Area as there are less toxins in it.  Here's a wee map so you can see how hard or soft your water is.

Ive really enjoyed using the Area H20 shampoo & conditioner its made my fly away hairs less fly away and ive noticed its more shinnier than usual.  
The shampoo itself makes your hair feel really clean like its clearing your hair of all the excess product that normal shampoo doesn't get rid of.   When i seen the size of the conditioner compared to the shampoo i thought id only get 2 washes out of it as i use quite alot of conditioner but i found i only needed a small amount and it still managed to cover all over my hair.

When i started off my hair was Brown and looked really wirey.  Now my hair is red and altho is still looks dry and has terrible ends thats no way a reflection of the Shampoo & Conditioner its down to me needing the chop.

I did have some Before pictures but my computer has deleted them so im so upset Ive lost a whole load of pictures i cant get back.  Ive popped in some after pictures.
Here's some pictures of my hair now.

 These have been taken After a long day at work and blown about it the gale force winds that we are experiencing here in Scotland.

But i will be purchasing the Area H20 shampoo and Conditioner again as i think its a great product and if you suffer from fly away or dull hair pop over to there Website and have a look for yourself.

Check them out on Twitter too

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