Thursday, 23 January 2014

£9.50 Holidays

Hello Lovelies

Every year The Sun Newspaper always runs the £9.50 holidays and every year i say im going to do it and always miss out or forget.  This year however i have made my other half reluctantly buy the paper everyday and cut me out the tokens.

I have been looking through all the places we can choose from and there is about 319 different places across the uk and parts of Europe including like France & Holland and Spain.  I thought i would do this post as a kind of i need your help type post.  Im looking for recommendations on somewhere nice we can go for a little getaway.  Where have you been thats been a fab little break?

Have you done the £9.50 holidays before?  Whats your thoughts?

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  1. I did a Sun holiday about 10 years ago. We went to Weymouth and as it was early season (late April) we got a top of the range caravan. It was gorgeous and we were sorry to leave when the 4 days were up. x
    ¬ Just Me Leah

    1. I i love holidays you dont want to leave or you end up dreaming about buying a caravan for months after it. In my work i deal with the Weymouth area and they are always telling me on the phone how lovely it is and how good the weather is plus its not a plane ride away. Thanks Leah :)



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