Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Little Haul

Hello Lovelies

So Friday came and brought me some lovley pennies as it was payday thank goodness.

I decided to go for a little shopping trip to treat myself and see if there was any bargains to be had.

Here is a little peek into what i bought in boots.  I sent a wee tweet out to see what newbies i could get my hands on and managed to get some.

Got the Maybelline baby Skin which ive heard mixed things about.  I also picked up the Loreal highlighting powder which looks amazing and one of the new Loreal Glam Shine lip Crayons which is the cutest colour ever I think its called all about Watermelon and its really super shinny.

All the Nail polishes were in the Sale rack for only 50p each they had some other but they were all smashed and leaking so got me the 5 at the bottom.

They had some fab deals on.  The Justin Bieber prefume set was only £6.00 i was shocked it contains a 30ml perfume & a body lotion.  Ive had the scent before and i love it so thought id snap it up.  Its just the cutest little bottle ever and is probably 1 of my best bargain buys this year.

What have you bought recently? Have you have any Bargains?  Have you tried the baby skin?

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  1. 6 quid for that set!!! well done :) I love the L'Oreal highlighting powder, I have the pinker one and its lovely :)

    Catherine x

    1. Its amazing i bought th 50ml before and that was £29.00 so seeign this wee set for 6 bucks was a steal i should have bought 2 lol..


  2. you got some lovely things!

    from helen at

  3. ooh i don't think my Boots has a reduced bit for nail polishes!!i will have to have a look!bargain prices for those polishes :)xx


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