Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Bruzz Nail Brush*

Hello Lovelies

Recently i came across these cute little Nail Brushes by Bruzz on twitter and the lovely people sent me one over to try out.

I use a nail brush all the time especially when i have nail enhancements on (Acrylics or Gel) It just makes it easier to keep your nails nice and clean.  Its also good to use on my clients to clear away dust after buffing nails as its easy to clean and disinfect ready for the next use.

This nail brush is made of rubber and is super easy to wash.  Bonus is that it has a vanilla scent to it also which means it smells really nice too.

I love the look of these nail brushes and love how they are easy to clean and keep hygienic, There is nothing worse than a dirty nail brush and normal style brushes are hard to clean and make sure they are hygienic.  

You just pull out the black rubber bristles and can wash both parts with ease and then pop them back together again.

Bruzz offer these in Pink, Blue & the White.  Here's some of the benefits of using the Bruzz over a normal one: 

• Vanilla scented
• Anti-bacterial & removable bristles
• Limits Spray
• For natural & artificial nails
• Easy to clean & Dishwasher safe
• Fully Sanitisable
• Gentle to use, wet or dry

The Bruzz costs £11.95 and you can buy them - Here

Go check them out on Twitter - Bruzz  

What do you think of these nail brushes?   

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