Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Review | Seventeen Back Lash

Hello Lovelies
Today i want to share with you all my New favourite Mascara that i stumbled across around the middle of December when i was pondering the shops looking for a bargain.
Im a huge lover of Benefits They’re Real Mascara but can’t justify the spend nearly every 2nd month so wanted to find something equally good.
I had a nosy through my local boots and stumbled across their newly vamped Seventeen counter and was completely blown away with all the new things Seventeen have released lately.  In my boots they were running really low on the Phwoarr paints and a lot of the colours of the new lip crayons but i spotted this shinny silver mascara screaming my name.
So here it is The Seventeen Back Lash in blackest Black.

When looking at mascara the first think i look at is the brush i think it’s important to buy a mascara with a wand that you feel comfortable using and isn’t too big or too small for your eyes. I love big bristly wands but can’t deal with the little plastic comb things..  What even are they??
I thought i would show you a before and after pic so you can see the impact it has on my lashes.  I have really tiny baby lashes so need something thats non clumping, spreads my lashes well and gives them a boost of volume and i feel this does the trick. 

So whats your thoughts on this mascara?  you can purchase it HERE  from boots for £6.49 which i think is a reasonable price for a really good mascara.
Have you tried this mascara?  Whats your favourite one?
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  1. (Ergh, I know what you mean about the plastic bristles. They definitely feel weird against my eye too. However, Maybelline's Rocket has definitely changed my mind about plastic bristles)

    I love the effect that this gives on your lashes! There's barely even any clumps!! (Which is amazing, considering it's not a plastic brush!) This one is definitely going on my wishlist :)

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. the Mascara is awesome i love it. It doesnt clump no matter how many coat you put on i applied 4 over the weekend to see how it would look and just WOW. Good thing is it doesnt poke you in your eye either and leave you half blind with wasted make up lol.

      Thanks for the comment will check out your blog :) xx

  2. i love my benefit mascara as well, cheaper alternative would be great. Never tried this brand, maybe I should make a point to stop at it next time in boots. does it last well when on?

    1. That was my exact thought i could by they're real for pecial occasions but for everyday work wear mascara then this is my go to :) Thanks for your comment :)


  3. I'm really impressed with that considering it's Boots 17! How many coats is that?

    1. I thought the exact same Charlie but this is only 1 coat of mascara im wearing and it was just applied quickly im going to do a face of the date post and will get better pictures of the mascara and will do some with 1 coat and 2 coats to see the difference. Thanks for the idea and the comment :)



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