Monday, 3 March 2014

Review | Klorane Shampoo*

Hello Lovelies
I was recently sent an amazing package from the lovely people over at Escentual.  It contained the Klorane Shampoo which is what im going to share my thoughts with you on today.

(Klorane shampoo £4.50* - Escentual)
The Klorane shampoo is designed for people who have oily hair or roots and who cant go longer that 1-2 days without having to wash it.  The shampoo contains Scopoletine which restores balance to the scalp allowing you more time between washes.  Its gentle but an effective product as i have ridiculously oily hair,  I can wash my hair on a Sunday night and sometimes need to wash it in the morning again its that bad.

The shampoo comes out green in colour and smells really fresh.  It doesn't Lather up into a big soapy mess which i love as i know its giving my hair a proper clean.  Normally after i have shampoo'd and conditioned my hair then towel dried it my hair is the tuggiest hair on the planet.  Ive noticed since using this shampoo it has been more manageable and easier to brush after towel drying.
Ive been using this product for about 2-3 weeks now and have thoroughly been enjoying it. I was a bit sceptic when i received it because its all natural ingredients and whenever i have tried products like this before it always leaves my hair feeling worse or lifeless.
The Klorane shampoo works to regulate the oil release from your scalp which means less washing.  This is a god send for me due to having coloured hair the more i wash the less coloured my hair looks.  With this shampoo i have noticed a huge difference and can now go 2-3 days without washing and still looks good.

This has now become a big part of my hair care and will be repurchasing it once this is done which will be really soon.  I want to try some other items from the range as they do products for coloured hair and also a silver shampoo too for the blondes.   You can find the range -  Here
Have you tried the Klorane brand?  Whats your thoughts?
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*Item received as PR sample for review purposes.


  1. Replies
    1. Me too i love the packaging on it and its smells really fresh too :) xx

  2. This sounds really nice :) I also want to try the bioderma toner :') x

  3. I have just reviewed this and loved it so much ive ordered some more xx
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. I think i need to get this because my hair is so fine it goes greasy the same day and I am in the vicious cycle of having to wash it every day! xx


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