Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Blushing Goodness

Hello Lovelies

I have wanted the Anna Sui Blushers for EVER... Every time i have extra money and go to buy it its always out of stock or i find something on my ever growing wish list that i NEED to buy more.

Ever lusted so hard over a product that you want, that when you see something that is almost a Dupe for what you want you let out a squeal.

Yeah well that was me 2 weeks ago.  I was casually browsing the beauty section on H&M when i first saw it and fell in love and for £2.99 how could i resist these pretty little flowers.

(The original Love)                                                                                                                                  (The dupe)
 One day i will get my hands on the original Blushes but for now the Autumn Flower blush from the H& M Beauty range will do for now.  I haven't had the pleasure of swatching the Anna Sui blushes yet so cant compare it in colour but looks wise its a close one.

Have you tried the Anna Sui Blushers?  What do you think?

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