Wednesday, 29 October 2014

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I was recently invited along to The Glasgow Cookery School by Currys PC world & JoesBloggers to take part in a Blogger Bake off you can find out all about the day - Here

Now im the cant cook so wont cook type of person and when it comes to baking id rather buy from a shop than attempt to kill everyone who eats my baking with food poisoning, so for me this was a great opportunity to learn some baking skills.

On the day we were grouped into 4's as there was so many of us there to learn some new skills and then the baking got underway.  

We were given some instructions and shown how to do each part of the baking by Chef Danny.  He was amazing and was really cheery and gave us some interesting facts and showed us some tricks.  Did you know if you crack 2 eggs together only 1 will break.  Amazing right?

Then we were left to our own devices.  We baked Victoria Sponge cake, Chocolate chip Muffins, Scones and Cupcakes.  

 It was a really fabulous day and getting to take home some of baking was great as it meant i could actually prove to my boyfriend that my baking isn't always that bad.
We were ever so kindly gifted with our very own Kenwood K mix which is awesome and I've even used it to make cheesecake with. (My Boyfriend Actually made it)
If your a blogger you should check out Joesblogger on Twitter and sign up to the newsletter.  They are really engaging and even more amazing at events.
Whats your favourite thing to bake?
Any baking tips to share?  The best baking tip i heard was on the day from Ruth which was when your baking be sure to wear stretchy trousers.  Great advise if you like to lick the spoon. 
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